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What Tools Do I Use?

Other than the full-bodied services I talk about on the Services page, there are a number of small utilities that make a marketer's life a lot easier.

Computer Management
Anyone who relies on his/her computer for business should be aware of the need for these utilities:

  • Anti-Virus Protection - I use Norton Antivirus.
  • Spyware Cleaner - My choice is Ad-Aware from LavaSoft
Now on to more interesting stuff...

Email Management
After sweating to keep up with tons of mail from "Gurus", colleagues, clients, relatives and friends I finally decided to invest in a client that would do what I wanted. What did I want? Hmm.
  • The ability to preview email headers and delete from the server without downloading the email first. That reduces the spam in my inbox significantly.
  • The ability to view emails in HTML in the client but not to download any images that tell spammers that I opened their email.
  • Easy but powerful filtering and sorting of messages.
  • In addition, I wanted a client that would also do basic calendaring and keep track of my To-Do items and generate reminders.

Well after much searching I found it. There are a couple of small bugs but so far Barca has worked very well for what I wanted. And it's not that expensive when you realise how much time it saves you. The developers website is

Website Management
  • HTML Editor: If you will be / are designing your own websites and know HTML codes pretty well, you may find the free tool I use of some help. It's called 1st page 2000 - not for the faint of heart but for people who like clean code, i.e. the code I want and nothing added in by the software, it's great! The developers website is
  • Image Creation / Manipulation - The GIMP is GNU software that works quite well. Installation on the Windows platform is not easy, but if you're technically inclined you should find it very much worth the installation pains.

Customer Relationship Management
  • I use the ISOResponder discussed on the services page for heavy duty mailing lists, ecourses and such the like, but for situations that need a particularly sensitive touch, where my branding needs to be very dominant for example, and for one-time mailings I use a free mailing list manager called DaDa. Developer's website is

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