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Soon after I got started in Internet Marketing I became overwhelmed.

I had no plan on doing only internet marketing, but I knew I needed to understand it pretty well in order not to burn out with traditional marketing. I wanted to build a business where some of the income could be generated without too much blood sweat and tears.

It became quickly and painfully obvious that a large part of the world of internet marketing online education is about marketing to marketers. By that I mean that there are a lot of self proclaimed experts who pretend to be offering you help or something of value but really their primary goal is to suck you in to their own marketing funnel and make as much money out of you as they can without a thought in the world as to whether your own business will recoup the cost and actually succeed.

I call them bloodsuckers. They'll suck your lifeblood (all the revenue you have that you should be investing into building your business) and leave you a dismal failure.

Find Some Worthy Partners

Now, I'm not an internet marketing expert. You can learn from my mistakes and quest for worthwile information however. Simply, what I want to do on this site is to provide some articles, resources and put you into contact with people that I've come across who are genuinely interested in your development and provide systems and resources for success.

Its stuff I am using myself that I have found helpful. Articles that are not just fluff and sales pitches but have some noteworthy and practical, useful substance.

Some programs I talk about here I've decided to become an affiliate for - but if you are interested in them, you are in no way obligated to purchase them through me. Your choice totally. They're not my primary source of income.

My business is telecommunications and technology brokering and you'll see those ads scattered through the site. I'd love you to take a look at my professional site ( and consider using my services.

Here are a few services I offer:

T1 Lines -the-connection-store
High speed internet access Broadband phone technology
Articles DSL without a phone line
Toll free services Prepaid Cellphones
Free ecards More cellphones

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